A journey to the past … To build and design a better future!

1001 Inventions is a UK based not-for-profit educational organisation that creates award-winning blockbuster exhibitions, films, live shows, productions and educational materials.

Showcasing 1,000 years of scientific and cultural innovations aiming to help inspire ambition and motivation to strive towards building a brighter and better future

The international blockbuster 1001 Inventions science productions are fun and immersive interactive shows, designed for family audiences. 

Through a network of partners including UNESCO and National Geographic, 1001 Inventions has been highly effective in delivering public engagement campaigns to help change public perceptions about Muslim Civilisation and promote cultural inter-appreciation by celebrating mankind’s shared heritage.


     Global Events


Amman, Jordan I

Amman, Jordan II

Amman, Jordan III

Austria, Vienna

Bahrain, Bahrain

Brazil, Sao Paulo

China, Beijing

China, Beijing II

China, Beijing III

Egypt, Alexandria

Egypt, Cairo I

Egypt, Cairo II

Egypt, Cairo III

Kuwait, Kuwait I

Kuwait, Kuwait II

Kuwait, Kuwait III

Kuwait, Kuwait IV

Macau (Macao)

Malaysia, I-IV

Mexico, Mérida

Netherlands, Rotterdam

Oman, Muscat

Qatar, Doha

Russia, Moscow

Saudi Arabia, Al-Baha

Saudi Arabia, Al Ahsa

Saudi Arabia, Ar-Rass

Saudi Arabia, Dhahran

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah II

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah III

Saudi Arabia, Makkah


Saudi Arabia, Makkah II

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Saudi Arabia, Ta'if

Slovenia, Ljubljand

Sweden, Karlstad

Thailand, Had Yai

Turkey, Istanbul I

Turkey, Istanbul II

UAE, Abu Dhabi

UAE, Abu Dhabi II

UAE, Al Ain

UAE, Dubai I

UAE, Dubai II

UAE, Sharjah

UAE, Sharjah II

UK, London I

UK, London II

UK, London III

UK, London IV

UK, London V

UK, Manchster

UK, North West


UN, New York I

UN, New York II

US, California

US, Florida

US, Michigan

US, New York

US, New York II

US, Washington


Previous smaller 1001 Inventions exhibitions have toured the UK starting at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester back in March 2006. Then Cardiff, Wales, Birmingham Thinktank, Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland and at the Museum of Croydon, London.

A previous exhibition graced the UK Houses of Parliament (in October 2008), which was exclusively for Ministers, Peers, MPs and parliamentary staff. In addition, the previous exhibition was displayed at the European Parliament and at the United Nations in New York.

Film Not for Reproduction

The new 1001 Inventions exhibition

The new 1001 Inventions exhibition

  WATCH: 1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets

Oscar-winning actor and screen legend Sir Ben Kingsley has taken the starring role in a short feature film about the scientific heritage of Muslim civilisation. The mini-movie, 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets, accompanies the global touring exhibition currently open to the public at the Science Museum in London.