1001 Inventions Schools Fair: Grant Scheme Spring/Summer Term 2019

From rainbows to robots, maps to medicines, the inventions, and discoveries of Muslim civilisation still shape our lives today. From the late seventh century, a golden age of discovery flourished from Spain to China, as men and women from various faiths and cultures worked together to further knowledge and learning.

Now you can apply for a grant to support your students in developing their very own 1001 Inventions Schools Fair. They will gain vital skills in research, collaboration and presentation as they undertake a project they will never forget.

The award-wining British-based organisation 1001 Inventions is providing grants of up to £500 to primary schools in North West England. By getting involved, your students will be able to explore the incredible advances of this period of history – and then construct their own experiments, exhibits and performances to share these stories with others.

Explorers and engineers, star-gazers and ship-builders – the pioneers of this Golden Age in science knew how to get hands-on. Your students can follow their lead as they develop, write, make and tinker, building their teamwork, communication and presentation skills at the same time.

Previous 1001 Inventions Schools Fairs have involved colourful costumes, cardboard and LEGO models, experiments, poems and performances, and lots of fun and learning. While we suggest the interactive exhibits are primarily related to science and engineering advancements, the project as a whole also celebrates culture and the arts.


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