UK Houses of Parliament



1001 Inventions in UK Houses of Parliament

Social Cohesion Conference in Church House, Westminister:

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1001 Inventions Exhibition in UK Houses of Parliament:

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  • Mr. Christine Russell, MP City of Chester & Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Beverley Hughes
  • Bettany Hughes, Historian and Broadcaster
  • Elizabeth Woodcock, Co-Editor of 1001 Inventions Book
  • Mr. Michael Hamilton Morgan, Author of Lost History & Chairman of Foundations for Peace Inc. New Mexico, US
  • Lord Ahmed of Rotherham
  • Dr. Charles Savage, President, Knowledge Enterprise
  • Prof. Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of Physics & Public Engagement in Science, University of Surrey & British theoretical nuclear physicist, academic, author and broadcaster
  • Dr. Paul Keeler, Director of the Golden Web project in Cambridge
  • Mr. Peter Raymond, MBE Vice President, Parliamentary & Scientific Affairs Committee
  • Prof. Stephen Hutchings, Director of Research, School of Linguistics, Languages and Culture, University of Manchester
  • Dr Ian Griffin, CEO (Oxford Trust, previously Director of Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester)
  • Dr. Okasha El Daly, Author Egyptology: The Missing Millennium
  • Prof. Mohammed Abattouy, Chief Editor of
  • Prof. Mohammad El-Gomati, Vice Chairman of FSTC
  • Dr. Suhair Al-Qurashi, Dean of Dar Al-Hekmah College, Jeddah Ian Fenn, 1001 Inventions Curriculum Enrichment Programme, Head of Burnage High School
  • Dr. Salim Ayduz, Associate Editor of
  • Zeki Poyraz, FSTC Board of Trustee
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Brennan, London South Bank University
  • Dr. Subhi Al-Azzawi, AA Dipl, PhD (UCL), ARB Architect, Kent, UK Emeritus
  • Professor William Johnson, Cambridge University

and many more...

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