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1001 Inventions and  IYPT2019 with the Montenegrin Bureau of Metrology
Exhibition from 1001 Inventions creates awareness of animal extinction
Exhibition from 1001 Inventions brings history to life with travellers’ tales
China Science Festival hosts “1001 Inventions: Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry”
Pupils unleash their imagination and build their own creative exhibits
Thousands of children celebrate UNESCO’s Day of Light in Beijing
Exhibition from 1001 Inventions brings history to life with VR and science theatre
Fun activities and healthy meals to help improve children’s wellbeing
Macao Science Center Hosts 1001 Inventions Exhibition
World Food Programme and 1001 Inventions continue to inspire refugee children
Launch of a new platform to explore humanity’s greatest inventions
Thousands celebrate launch of the International Year of the Periodic Table
The three genius Banu Musa brothers left a lasting impact on the children
Education and meals to improve wellbeing for refugee children
1001 Inventions and ASPD Launch New Production and Children’s Book about the Science of Tricks
Thousands join Manchester Science Festival with 1001 Inventions at Central Library
1001 Inventions Celebrates Ibn Al-Haytham at Manchester’s Iconic Central Library
European Researchers’ Night, Sci4all, to host 1001 Inventions activities