Epic Voyages of Zheng He

1. Chinese Treasure Fleet - Adventures of Zheng He

Between 1405 and 1433, the Ming government sponsored a series of seven naval expeditions. The Yongle emperor designed them to establish a Chinese presence, impose imperial control over trade, impress foreign peoples in the Indian Ocean basin and extend the empire's tributary system.

Zheng he was the man chosen to lead this great fleet which reached as far as east Africa opening up rich trade routes,bringing peace and prosperity to war ravaged far off lands, religeous equality,and setting China on the road to economical dominance over the rest of the world.

Why then did china suddenly stop the treasure fleets and close its borders to its newly found trade partners?

2. Zheng He : Emperor of the Seas (IMAX)

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Emperor of the Seas is a documentary that offers historical evidence of China's naval expeditions during the period of 1405-1433. Zheng He, the naval admiral of China's massive fleet, is the central figure of the film.

Executive producer Keiko Hagihara Bang, Writer & producer Michael Hutchinson, Director Perter Getzels, Editor Rob Tinworth, Narrator David Kersten, Bang Singapore Pte, Ltd. © 2006.

3. Ghost Fleet: The Epic Voyage of Zheng He (Preview)

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The film follows National Geographic photographer Mike Yamashita, who, on the 600th anniversary of Zheng’s maiden voyage, traveled over 10,000 miles from Yunnan Province in the west of China to Africa’s Swahili Coast to shoot a story on Zheng for the magazine’s July 2005 issue. Featuring breathtaking photography and cinematography, including a dazzling visual recreation of how Zheng’s fleet may have appeared to a 15th-century eyewitness, the film tells the story of the amazing eunuch-turned-admiral whose voyages covered a greater distance by sea than those of Columbus almost a hundred years later, while offering a look through Yamashita’s eyes at the lands Zheng visited.

4. And even an animation movie:

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