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1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets
Watch the film produced and shown as part of the 1001 Inventions touring exhibition starring Sir Ben Kingsley.
Run Time: 13:33
1001 Inventions: An introduction and overview
1001 Inventions is a unique UK based educational project that reveals the rich heritage that the Muslim community share with other communities across the World.
Run Time: 05:45
National Geographic Live! : Salim Al-Hassani: 1001 Inventions  
The award winning 1001 Inventions exhibit held at the National Geographic Museum reveals the ancient Muslim world’s groundbreaking contributions to the science and technology arena and how its influence extends into the present day.
Run Time: 15:47
National Geographic Live! : Salim Al-Hassani: 1001 Inventions  
National Geographic Live! : Salim Al-Hassani: 1001 Inventions
What do water fountains, rocket jet packs, and graduation robes all have in common? Emeritus Professor Salim T.S. Al-Hassani reveals the enduring legacy of Muslim civilization.
Run Time: 24:59
1001 Inventions Doha,Qatar  
Emir of Qatar Visits 1001 Inventions Doha
Emir of Qatar, His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, visited the award-winning 1001 Inventions show in Doha today, accompanied by HH Sheikha Al-Mayassa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Qatar Museums Authority.
Run Time: 02:57
Royal Launch for 1001 Inventions Abu Dhabi
The latest 1001 Inventions exhibition, and the first designed specifically for a Middle East audience, enjoyed a glamorous Royal launch in the UAE’s capital.
Run Time: 07:24 & 06:58
Library of Secrets LIVE! (Cheltenham Science Festival)
This event was part of the Cheltenham Science Festival and took place on the 12th of June 2011, in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
Run Time: 35:44
Run Time: 03:40
NBC News Conference with Conan Nolan
The 1001 Inventions exhibition at California Science Center was featured on Southern California’s NBC4 channel, a programme with Conan Nolan.
Run Time: 06:10
'Arabick Roots' of science and medicine exhibition  
Arabick Roots Exhibition - Royal Launch
The 'Arabick Roots' exhibition was launched at the Royal Society in London on the 9th of February 2011 by HH Sheikha Mozah of Qatar.
Run Time: 10:00
Hillary Clinton launches 1001 Inventions in Los Angeles
U.S Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton launches the '1001 Inventions' touring exhibition at California Science Center in Los Angeles.
Run Time: 07:13
Imagine a world without them?
Coffee, computers and piston engines - could we imagine a world without them? VOA's Sonja Pace reports from the British capital.
Run Time: 03:43
Speech by President Barack Obama in Egypt:  
Civilisation's Debt to Islam...
Delivered at Cairo University, Egypt on 4th of June 2009
Run Time: 01:33
‘Interfaith Dialog Between Civilisations’ conference at the United Nations in New York, 12th November 2008.    
Language: Arabic
 Run Time: 04:20
Run Time: 05:09
 Al-jazeera Interviews with Prof. Salim Al-Hassani   Aljazeera TV Channel Interview: 
Interview with Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani, Chief Editor of 1001 Inventions Book
Language: Arabic

Run Time: 63:30

Muslim Heritage in Our School
Find out some of the every day items in our schools that came to us through a shared heritage with Muslim Civilisation.
Run Time: 04:18
Al-Jazari's 800 year old automatic Elephant clock using water technology. An example of the Muslim origins of modern automation and robotics.
Run Time: 05:57
Muslim Heritage in Our Hospitals
Find out some of the items in our hospitals that came to us through a shared heritage with Muslim Civilisation.
Run Time: 04:35
Engineering: Professor Al-Hassani on the History Channel
Muslim contributions to modern engineering and the birth of automation.
Run Time: 08:10
Muslim Heritage in Our Homes
Find out some of the every day items in our homes that came to us through a shared heritage with Muslim Civilisation.
Run Time: 04:44
Scribe Clock
See al-Jazari's water powered scribe clock brought back to life after 800 years.
Run Time: 03:39
British scientist, author and a broadcaster. Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Surrey.
Run Time: 23:13
Dubai Ramadan Lecture, October 2006
Run Time: 06:56
Calligrapher Hasan Celebi
Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani, chief editor of 1001 Inventions book visited Hattat Hasan Celebi, one of world's mostly renowned calligraphers...
Run Time:  01:46
Professor George Saliba Lectures
The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London Lecture (Run Time: 64:18) and his other lectures.
MBC News
1001 Inventions Croydon Exhibition, mbc, Middle East Broadcasting Channel
Run Time: 02:26
Islam TV
1001 Inventions Croydon Exhibition on Islam Channel TV
Run Time: 02:45
(In Urdu) by Metro One TV (Pakistan) Science and Technology show...
Run Time: 08:02
Run Time:  22.39
Run Time: 03:10
Aljazeera TV: Coverage of MuslimHeritage.com
Language: Arabic. Copyright Dunia Media
Run Time: 02:31
1001 inventions in Glasgow Science Center
Run Time: 05;45
BBC Science Adam Hart Davis presents 1001 Inventions
Copyright BBC 2006
Part1      Run Time: 04:32 
Part2      Run Time: 04:38

Documentaries which are related to 1001 Inventions projects:

The Medieval Islamicate World: Crash Course History of Science #7


The Dark Ages: An Age of Light - The Wonder of Islam  
Along with Christianity, the Dark Ages saw the emergence of another vital religion - Islam. After emerging in the near East it spread across North Africa and into Europe, bringing its unique artistic style with it. Waldemar Januszczak examines the early artistic explorations of the first people in Muslim Civilisation, the development of their mosques and their scientific achievements.
Run Time: 59:35
Andrew Marr's History of the World: Into the Light  
This was also the Golden Age of Islam. And the knowledge of ancient civilisations from India, Persia and Greece were built upon by Islamic scholars in Baghdad's House of Wisdom.
Run Time: 59:11
Hidden Civilisation: Paradise Found  
The art critic and art lover, Waldemar Januszczak, sets out on an epic journey of discovery across the Muslim world from Central Asia, to the heart of the Middle East and beyond to reveal a world of awe-inspiring architecture, spectacular Islamic treasures and a host of artists and craftsmen – to bring the largely unknown and fascinating story of Islamic art and architecture to the attention of the British public.
Run Time: 1:33:25
Why is 'x' the symbol for an unknown? In this short and funny talk, Terry Moore gives the surprising answer.
Run Time: 03:57
Dr. Adam John Hart-Davis builds and tests some of the most extraordinary inventions from the early Islamic World.
Run Time: 57:09
Historian Bettany Hughes traces the story of the mysterious and misunderstood Moors, the Islamic society that ruled in Spain for 700 years.
Run Time: 102:01
British scientist Prof. Jim Al-Khalili travels from Spain to Syria to tell the story of the great leap in scientific knowledge that took place in the Islamic world between the 8th and 14th centuries.
Run Time: 59:00 x 3
  After Rome Holy War and Conquest (2 Part)
Boris Johnson travels from France to Syria to investigate the early beginnings of what some people now call 'the clash of civilisations.'  
Run Time: 58:50 x 2
     Denia: A Muslim Port in Spain
A Time Team special as part of the On the Line season. A Muslim port is revealed under this modern-day Spanish town. 
Run Time: 46:03
Prof. Marcus du Sautoy he looks at the invention of the new language of algebra and the spread of Eastern knowledge to the West through mathematicians.
Run Time: 13:01
Narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley, A three-part series, re-creates the spectacular sweep of Islamic power and faith during its first 1,000 years.
Run Time: 53:00 x 3
A three-part series of documentary travelogues in which Tim Mackintosh-Smith follows in the footsteps of 14th Century Moroccan scholar Ibn Battuta
Run Time: 58:56 x 3
Rageh Omaar uncovers the hidden story of Europe's Islamic past and looks back to a Golden Age when European civilisation was enriched by Islamic learning.
Run Time: 88:55
Art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon travels from southern to northern Spain to tell the story of some of Europe's most exciting and vital art.
Run Time: 58:54
An epic journey back into a centuries-long period when Muslims, Christians and Jews inhabited the same far corner of Western Europe and thrived.
Run Time: 114:51
Documentaries on Zheng He - the Chinese Muslim Admiral
Chinese Treasure Fleet - Adventures of Zheng He (1:33:28)
IMAX -  Emperor of the Seas (52:36)
Ghost Fleet: The Epic Voyage of Zheng He (Preview)