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16 March 2010: The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited in London the exhibition 1001 Inventions featuring many scientific achievements the world inherited from the Muslim civilisation, including the Ottoman empire. The 1001 Inventions gallery at the country’s premier Science Museum, which has already attracted more than 80,000 visitors in its first eight weeks, welcomed its most senior VIP guest when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited on the 16th of March 2010 during his official visit to the UK today.

Mr. Erdoğan and his delegation of Turkish government Ministers came to London to meet the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and senior politicians. During his visit, he also took a tour of the recently unveiled exhibition 1001 Inventions, subtitled Discover The Muslim Heritage In Our World. Launched on the 21st January, the landmark 1001 Inventions exhibition highlights the scientific, technological and cultural heritage of the world of Islam. Since its launch, the venue has been inundated with visitors and the Museum’s Director has described their latest attraction as a “blockbuster”.

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1001 Inventions: Discover The Muslim Heritage in Our World is a free exhibition, sponsored by the British charity Abdul Latif Jameel Foundation. It traces the forgotten story of a thousand years of rich legacy in various fields from the Muslim world from the 7th century onwards. It has proved so popular that its short run at the South Kensington venue has now been extended until the end of June 2010, after which it will go on a five year tour of major cities across the globe.

During his visit, the Prime Minister, accompanied by Mrs. Erdoğan, several Ministers of the Turkish government and Turkish businessmen, spent 70 minutes on a tour of the gallery, guided by the Chairman of FSTC Professor Salim Al-Hassani and philanthropist Fady Jameel. The exhibition highlights many social, scientific and technical achievements that are credited to the Muslim world, including the Turkish region, whilst also celebrating the scientific heritage of many other cultures.

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