1001 Inventions coverage

MuslimHeritage.com Newsletter Issue 3
01 May - 31 July 2008
The Times Summer Book: 1001 Inventions
03 July 2008
One of most respected online newspaper Times selected 1001 Inventions Book as one of the books of this summer .
"The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) has produced a beautiful catalogue '1001 Inventions: How Muslim Civilisation Shaped The World.' It reminds us just how the Middle East, North Africa and Al Andalus catalysed many of the trappings of modern life. An immensely useful corrective to our Greco-Roman-Renaissance sense of Western Civilisation "  The Times Summer Books: The Past by Bettany Hughes
Meeting with Dr. Farouk El-Baz, Well-Renowned NASA Scientist
26 April 2008
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Apollo Moon mission NASA scientist Dr. Farouk El-Baz (Left) receives a copy of the 1001inventions book from Dr Suhair Al-Qureshi, Dean of Dar Al-Hekma College, Saudi Arabia and Senior Fellow of the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FTSC).
Dr. Farouk EL-Baz is one of the leading lights of the scientific community. Although he may be best known for his groundbreaking work with the U.S. space program, during the past two decades, he devoted his scientific talents to better understanding of climatic impact on environments - and particularly desert environments.